Spring Inspiration

It has been a warm and almost sunny weekend here with temps in the high 70s on both days. I am pretty sure two warm weather days on the weekend have not happened here since last October.

Between cold windy days and warm spring days, filled with intense bouts of allergy induced sneezing, I have been in the mood for spring sewing.  

The colors in this recent fabric purchase just say spring. The fabric is a very easy care poly blend silky fabric with amazing drape. 

I thought the very dark navy and off-white floral print would make an easy carefree skirt like the Butterick B5757 pictured below. The pattern is easy to make but there is so much fabric in it that even with the waist gathered tight it does not look like the photo. It is a good thing that it has so much fabric. This is going to be a remake. Now I remember why I rarely use a commercial pattern any more.

Happy Spring, I have my work "cut out" here. 


  1. Man. clothes. I'm determined to start learning how to make more clothes. Seems like a skirt like that would be a good start. Maybe not. :)

    1. It is a very easy skirt, but there is a lot of fabric so even though it has a lot of drape, there is just too much fabric, the elastic and the extra fabric make the waist too bulky. It is not much of an A-line cut more of a boxy square cut, with very little bias on the side so that makes the waist much larger than it needs to be. Also kind of hard to make the fabric distribute evenly around the elastic. When I get tired of being a little mad about the whole thing I will turn it into something beautiful. I still love the fabric. The view with the tiers may be better, I did not try that view and it has much less fabric at the waist level. Your quilts look whimsical and fun. I love that you are so creative with them.


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