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Winter is here, officially, although it seems to have arrived a few days early with snow and bad weather. Today it is much warmer than predicted and I am just stopping by to see if my own blog is even still here.  How pathetic is that? 

Google has changed a few things so I also looked in on the bloggers I once read as soon as they posted anything new.  It seems that I am not the only one not posting very frequently any more either.  Many of those I followed do not have a valid site any more and others post even less frequently than I have.  I will make it my plan to find more to blog about in the new year.  In the mean time, Happy Winter to those of you in the northern hemisphere.  Enjoy your summer to those of you in the southern hemisphere.  

I am busy baking this week, have been busy knitting most of the fall and plan to sew a little more next year.  This afternoon the kitty, Dot, has a follow up with the vet. She has been in a cone most of the autumn because of an injury and subsequent surgeries.  She is finally almost healed but I don't think she will be out of the cone yet because as it heals it is super itchy and she will not hesitate to re-injure it by scratching.  She even seems to understand that the cone is for her own good.   

Dot in soft cone after 2nd surgery, looking sad.
Annoyed Dot with hard cone and drains in her ear.  Third time is a charm?

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