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Unless you only sew very small projects, at some time you will need a cutting area that is large enough to hold half the width of your fabric and a nice length, preferable at least the length of your longest pattern pieces. The usual options are the floor, or the kitchen table. While either may be adequate neither is optimal. 

Last year I found instructions by Brooke at Custom Style. She used 12 IKEA Lack tables with minimal changes and created one larger counter height table and storage space which is perfect for cutting fabric. The whole project comes in at just about $100.00 and two hours of work. As soon as I could I built one too, (well, I coaxed my son into building this table for me). Go here to see Brooke's beautiful sewing space and the instructions for how she made her cutting table:

I have mentioned this table a couple of times but I have yet to get great photos of it because my room is small and the natural light from the door create lighting issues. You can see what an IKEA Lack table is here: 
http://sew-i-do.blogspot.com/2012/08/simple-solution.html and a post where more of my table shows up here:

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